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Our practice is focused on representing injured workers anywhere in Washington State. We are experienced with Title 51 Industrial Insurance Law and fight for your rights under state fund and self-insured claims. We also fight to re-open L&I claims that have been closed.
There are two types of work related claims. First is an industrial injury, which is a sudden traumatic event that happens in the course of employment. Second is an injury called an occupational disease, which is a disease acquired due to an on-the-job exposure, including repetitive trauma. Furthermore, if a worker dies as a result of his or her industrial injury, spouses and/or dependent children are entitled to death benefits and may be entitled to benefits even if the worker died from an unrelated cause Workers’ compensation is a mechanism for providing wage replacement (time-loss compensation), medical care, vocational services (please see the section on vocational services), and other services to victims of workplace related injuries and occupational diseases. The insurance premiums that fund these benefits are paid by both the employer and workers like you.

At work, accidents are pretty common such as a back injury from lifting too many heavy boxes, a broken arm or leg as a result of a bad fall, or even a concussion.

If your injuries are minor such as cuts, strain and you feel comfortable enough to go back to work, then you probably wouldn’t need legal support, but if you have serious injuries such as broken bones, amputated leg, or any other kind of injury, then you would without doubt need the support of Tacoma Injury Law Group lawyers. Our experienced team is ready to give you professional advice about the required steps you need to take to get full compensation from the employer. A worker’s compensation attorney can help those who are injured on the job, receive compensation for their trauma, including full medical bill and lost wages.

Thanks to having a legal representative, you can get a number of benefits including permanent total disability benefits, temporary or permanent partial disability benefits, medical benefits, etc.
If you are injured on the job in Washington State, you are insured either by the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) Washington State Fund, or a self-insured employer if you work for one of the several hundred employers who have opted to be self-insured. Workers’ Compensation cases in the State of Washington are primarily state fund claims operated and administered by the Department of Labor and Industries with approximately 15-25% of the claims being self-insured, such as large corporations.

Injury claims must be filed within one year and occupational disease must be filed within two years of receiving written notice from a health care provider that the condition exists and is work related. Failure to file a claim within these time periods may forever preclude you from securing benefits for your injury. If you are injured, you can call us at (253) 472-8566 to be fully informed of your rights. You can be sure that our Workers Compensation Lawyers are going to work for your best interests.

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4.7 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Based in 70+ reviews

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