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Our practice is focused on representing slip, trip and fall injuries in Tacoma, WA and nearby cities.
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We all fall down at times. However, if an obstacle caused you to slip and fall, or trip and fall, you may be entitled to compensation. Tacoma Injury Law Group can do a thorough investigation of the details to find if there was negligence.

You may benefit from the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney to recover financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other accident-related expenses you have suffered.

The term “slip, trip and fall” refers to personal injury claims involving people who slip and fall because of a hazardous condition on other’s property. When you are on another party’s property, you expect that the owners have taken care of the premises and kept it in a safe condition. So, if you do get injured because of their negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation. There are many dangerous conditions inside a building that can cause a fall, such as torn carpeting, moisture on the floor, poor lighting and so on. Falls can cause severe injuries including hip fractures and traumatic brain injuries.

If you have been injured in such accidents, it is crucial that you contact an experienced injury lawyer as soon as possible. Tacoma Injury Law Group attorneys will go above and beyond to investigate the location and gather every little piece of information needed for winning your case. We can offer you a team of professionals lawyers that have worked with such claims in the past, and has successfully recovered compensation for their clients.

Tacoma Injury Law Group offers FREE legal consultation. We handle our Slip, Trip and Fall cases on a contingency basis, which means we don’t charge you a fee unless we are successful in getting you compensation. Call us now at (253) 472-8566.


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