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Workers Compensation

There are two types of work related claims. First is an industrial injury, which is a sudden traumatic event that happens in the course of employment. Second is an injury called an occupational disease, which is a disease acquired due to an on-the-job exposure, including repetitive trauma…
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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law is based on the principle of accountability. Many personal injury claims arise because of a driver’s negligence, recklessness behind the wheel, ranging from speeding or cell phone use to drunk driving and more…
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Wrongful Death

Experiencing a wrongful death is a deeply distressing and often life-altering event. It brings about physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Unfortunately, many wrongful death cases go unaddressed, and the survivors...
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Car Accidents

Of many different types of accidents people may be involved in, car accidents are the most prevalent ones today. A seemingly minor car accident may not only result in a physically or emotionally injured person or even a whole family, but also a very costly medical care, which can be really difficult to handle nowadays…
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Construction Accidents

While construction workers should always work in a safe environment, accidents occur for a variety of reasons, including: falling from a roof, ladder or other heights, tripping over tools and equipment or other construction materials not properly secured, and negligent procedures…
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Re-opening L&i Claims

The law allows for reopening your claim within 7 years of your claim’s first closure. You may be able to obtain additional benefits such as time loss, vocational retraining, Permanent Partial Disability (PPD), and Permanent Total Disability (PTD or pension) even if your claim closed more than 7 years ago…
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Dog Bites

Being involved in a dog bite attack is a really traumatic experience that can harm a person physically, emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, most dog bite accidents go unreported and the victims are not compensated for their injuries…
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