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Verdict and settlement in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington: Toxic Gas Exposure


Settlement for Construction Site Accident


Settlement for Aviation Accident Wrongful Death


Verdict and settlement in Pierce County Superior Court: Construction Site Accident


Settlements for Motor Vehicle Accident


Settlement for Construction Site Accident


Settlement for Work Site Accident

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Our practice is focused on representing injured workers, victims of personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, dog bites and families of wrongful death victims. This practice was built on the ideals of representing those who need it, and giving everyone a fighting chance. Everyone who is wrongfully injured is entitled to the best legal representation. You need to be represented by someone who understands the physical and emotional pain that is associated with these types of injuries: injuries caused by the conduct of others, which falls below the standard of law established to protect you, and your loved ones, against unreasonable risk of harm. Justice demands those at fault to be held responsible and Tacoma Injury Law Group has been fighting for more than forty years to make sure that you get the compensation and treatment that you are entitled.
Not long ago, you had a steady job. A career. You worked hard to provide for your family. But, because of a workplace injury, car accident or other injury due to someone else’s negligence, you were hurt physically, and possibly even psychologically, and you now pay an unjust price: lost time, lost wages, medical expenses, and even unemployment. You fear that you may never be able to do the job you once did, the job you were good at. Medical bills pile up. Your family scrapes to get by. And, all the while, you are physically unable to work and your employer and/or insurance provider refuses to pay for the care to which you are entitled, claiming it’s not their responsibility. Though the system claims to be set up to work for you, it seldom does on its own. That’s why we’re here.

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L&I Injury Claims

There are two types of work related claims. First is an industrial injury, which is a sudden traumatic event that happens in the course of employment…

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law is based on the principle of accountability. Many personal injury claims arise because of a driver’s negligence, recklessness behind the wheel…

Wrongful Death

Experiencing a wrongful death is a deeply distressing and often life-altering event. Unfortunately, many wrongful death cases go unaddressed...

Car Accidents

Of many different types of accidents people may be involved in, car accidents are the most prevalent ones today. A seemingly minor car accident…

Construction Site Accidents

While construction workers should always work in a safe environment, accidents occur for a variety of reasons, including: falling from a roof, ladder or other…

Re-opening L&L Claims

The law allows for reopening your claim within 7 years of your claim’s first closure. You may be able to obtain additional benefits such as time loss…

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